The “CLUB ATLETISMO SAN PABLO” welcomes you to the 19th Half Marathon “Isla de la Cartuja” and thanks you to join the race. The distance and the warm weather give you a wonderful opportunity to practise athletics and enjoy the large green areas and the “Big River” from Andalusia called “Guadalquivir”


Facebook: Medio Maratón Isla de la Cartuja
Twitter: ADSanPablo

Organizer data

C/ Doctor Laffón Soto s/n 41007 Sevilla

Sunday, January 26th, 2014. 11:00 am. 
Estadio Olímpico de Sevilla.  Isla de la Cartuja, sector Norte. Sevilla
Entrega de trofeos, premios y regalos, a las 14:00

Maximum number of runners: 2600

Facilities of the race:
- Training plan for beginners.
- Lift to runners who abandon the race.
- Changing rooms and showers.
- Cloakroom.
- Doctor’s facilities.
- Physiotherapy.
- Referee, timing and classification.
- Water facilities at 5th, 10th and 15th kilometers and finishing line.
- Runner’s gift bag: technical vest of the race and food supply.

- The registering fee is 15€.

In Internet through:
From 15th October 2013 to 21st January 2014 until finishing the maximum number of runners.
- Follow the instructions:
    1. Make your payment in the account of the bank “La Caixa”: 2100-8436 40 2200679205. For international payment: IBAN: ES69 2100 8436 4022 0067 9205
    2. Do not forget to include: Media Maratón, name and surname of the runner.
    3. Fill in the form and attach the payment receipt (file pdf or jpg with a maximum volume of 1MB)
    4. You will receive a message by e-mail to confirm the reception and acceptance of your personal data.
    5. The organization will assign a number to each runner and will send a confirmation message (it is a handwriting process that you will receive a few hours later).
Face to face registering:
    • At San Pablo office (Polideportivo Municipal San Pablo, street: Doctor Laffon Soto without number, stairs C, Post Code 41007 Sevilla)
    • From 14th to 21th January 2014, between 17.30pm and 21.00pm until arriving to the maximum number of runners.
    • The payment will be done in cash in that moment.

Club registering:
  • Clubs can register through the web site: and they can book their members. Payment will be done when they had the full list of runners. This booking will be admitted if paid before 19th January 2014.
  • To have a web access account is necessary to apply for it at the e-mail:
  • There will not be admitted added runners to the delivered list considering any following registering as an independent runner.
  • There will only be a payment which includes the club’s name.
  • The organization will provide an envelope which includes the list of registered runners and runners’ numbers. They should be collected be a responsible person who will sign all the documents provided.
Numbers delivery:
At “Club Atletismo San Pablo” office:
  • street/ Doctor Laffon Soto without number, stairs C, Post Code 41007 Sevilla.
  •  From 14th to 21st January 2014 (from monday to friday, from 17.30pm to 21.00pm).
• Half Marathon Information Office:
  • At the start area of the Olympic Stadium (tunnel south), From 26th January 2014 from 9.00am to 10.00am
To collect the numbers it is necessary to show up:
  • Identity card, passport or any other official document
  • Payment receipt.
  • A copy of the organization message which indicates the registering acceptance.